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Old News

Help needed!

We encourage researchers and students in the area of real-time AI to take a look at ORTS and to consider it as a test-bed for their research.

We are also inviting game designers, computer graphics artists, and graphics programmers to contribute to the project by creating new races, low-poly unit and structure models, ground textures, GUI widgets, and stunning particle effects (example).

ORTS development is under full steam!

Plans for Summer 2007 are:


System Requirements

For the graphics client (ortsg) under Linux to reach frame rates >= 20 fps, currently you'll need a mid-range NVIDIA graphics card because the Linux ATI drivers are poor (as of mid 2005). Under Windows there is no such restriction. Having at least 128 MB of video RAM helps and 512 MB of system RAM is minimum when using ortsg.

Download and Installation

Download development snapshot

See orts/trunk/README for compilation instructions. ORTS compiles under Linux (Fedora 13), MS VC++8, and (probably) MacOS. You need the Boost library, SDL, SDL_net, zlib, OpenGL, glew, and freeglut to compile ORTS.

Compiling ORTS on Windows with VC++8

Follow the instructions in orts\trunk\misc\windows\howto after downloading this archive: win32.zip.
Feedback welcome! We need developers who use VC++ to test and improve the VC++ setup. We recently added a tool that creates project files automatically.


ortsg split screen 18-Sep-2003 (before we added textures to objects)
ortsg on 10-Nov-2003 (after we finished the minimap)
ortsg on 12-Dec-2003 (better human colors, 3d model test)
ortsg on 27-Dec-2003 (3d unit models)
ortsg on 18-Jan-2004 (command buttons)
ortsg on 24-Jan-2004 (texture,shadows)
ortsg on 18-June-2004 (better terrain, shadows, MD2 models)
ortsg on 4-Sep-2004 (more models, button/info panel)
ortsg on 25-May-2005 (more models, trees)
ortsg splash screen 19-Aug-2005
ortsg on 26-Aug-2005 (more bugs models)

Documentation, Papers, and Presentations


The first RTS Game AI competition was held prior to AIIDE 2006. If interested, please have a look. Feedback and suggestions are welcome! The second competition took place prior to AIIDE 2007. Participation has more than doubled from 2006! The fourth competition will be held in August 2009.


If you have questions about ORTS installation and usage please post them to the ORTS help forum

Feature requests should be posted to the ORTS open discussion forum

Developers please post messages to the ORTS developers forum

You can also contact me directly: Michael Buro


Former Contributors - Thank You!

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