ISS Software


SkatGUI is a graphical user interface for ISS. It requires Java version >= 1.6 to run.
Update: if you run JDK 10+ and receive a error message please download the recent version of SkatGUI

  1. If you don't have Java on your computer, visit to install it by clicking on the "Free Java Download" button and following the instructions.

  2. Download SkatGUI and save it to your desktop.
To start SkatGUI, double click on its icon or issue java -jar skatgui.jar in a shell console. If nothing happens, you don't have Java installed - see step 1 above.

A description of the SkatGUI Table Window Guide is given here.

SkatGUI creates three files:
  • skatgui-settings.txt (stores user password information)
  • skatgui-log.txt (logs all communication to and from ISS in the current session)
  • skatgui-bugreport.txt (renamed log file when a serious error occurs)
In case of a crash, the next time SkatGUI is started it will ask for permission to send skatgui-bugreport.txt to the server to inform us about the issue. SkatGUI only transmits ISS related data.

As ISS is under active development, from time to time SkatGUI upgrades will become necessary. SkatGUI will inform you about this.

Skat Program Interface

Connecting skat programs written in Java or C++ to ISS is straight-forward. The required classes can be found in the src/client and c++/src/ directories in the source code tar archive. More information is given in file README-clients.

Download client.tgz


ISS client software is (c) Michael Buro, Jeff Long, Jan Schäfer, Nathan Taylor and licensed under GPLv3.

Another GUI

An alternative to SkatGUI is JSkat (written by Jan Schäfer).