To register with ISS follow these steps:
  1. Fill in this registration form,
  2. Install Java (if you don't have it already),
  3. Download SkatGUI,
  4. Start it and log-on using the password sent in the registration email

First Steps

  • Double-clicking the SkatGUI icon on your desktop starts the program. It first displays a log-in window. After typing in your moniker and the password from the email, clicking the log-in button will connect you to ISS.
  • On the left hand side of the opened window you will see a list of connected players. Among them will be bernie, kermit, zoot, and xskat. These are Skat programs you can play with anytime you like.
  • In the main window you can talk to other users by selecting a name on the player list, clicking "Talk", and typing text in the "Message To" input line followed by hitting the Enter key.
  • Before playing you have to create a table. To do this click the "Create Table" button. A new table window will appear. Other players can join you by clicking on a join field in the table list.
  • To invite players select them from the user list in the main window by left/right clicking their names before you create a table. You can invite players to existing tables by selecting them followed by clicking "Invite" in the table window.
  • In the table window you can talk to players by typing text into the "Input" line and submitting it with the Enter key.
  • The window size can be adjusted by changing the "Window magnification percentage" in the Setup tab or by clicking +/-- in the table window.
  • Clicking the "Ready" button starts a game once 3 players have joined the table.
  • Your cards are shown in the bottom card panel (FH=Forehand, MH=Middlehand, RH=Rearhand). A red background means it is your turn to move. To sort your cards adjust the the game type in the contract panel.
  • The game starts by bidding. Use the bidding buttons to raise, accept or pass.
  • After winning the auction, you either pickup the skat by hitting the button in the center or you select the hand game type you want to play, followed by clicking "Declare".
  • If you picked up the skat, you need to choose the cards to discard. This is done by raising two cards. Clicking on cards will raise/lower them. You then proceed by choosing the game type followed by "Declare".
  • After a game, all players have to click "Ready" to continue.
More information about the table window is located here and accessible in SkatGUI via the Help button in the table window.