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Skat Learning Platform and Home of the Strongest Skat Programs!

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Now also available for mobile devices: the SkatGame App

ISS is an internet server that lets you play skat - Germany's traditional card game. The major features of ISS are as follows:
  • Access to ISS is free: there is no usage fee and everybody is allowed in - including skat programs!
  • A platform-independent graphical user interface written in Java is available.
  • ISS is home of the strongest skat programs in the world (kermit, zoot, and theCount)! Here - and nowhere else - you can practice playing against them.
  • All games are stored and made available for free to everyone.
    DOWNLOAD ISS GAMES (8.6 million, 517MiB bzip2 file, Oct-2023),
    DOWNLOAD SKATGAME GAMES (1.47 million, 92MiB bzip2 file, Apr-2021)
  • The message protocol is open.
  • Our free client software can help you to connect your own programs to ISS.

In case ISS is running and you can't connect with the latest version of SkatGUI using ports 8000, 7000, or 80, please let us know.

Send constructive feedback, bug reports, feature requests, and money to michael.buro#gmail.com (replace # by @).

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