The Othello Match of the Year

Takeshi Murakami (0) vs. Logistello (6)

Aug. 4-7, 1997

NEC Research Institute, Princeton NJ, U.S.A.

Match Report (gziped-ps-file)

The NEC Research Institute (NECI) sponsors the first multi-game Othello match played between the World-Champion and one of the strongest Othello programs ever. From August 4 through 7 the current Othello World-Champion Takeshi Murakami (Japan) will play a 6-game match against Logistello. Its outcome will answer the question whether or not today's best Othello programs are stronger than human players. The prizes will be $3,000 for the winner and $1,000 for the runner-up. Tournament director is David Parsons (New York City) - a strong Othello player and chess master.

All games are broadcast live on this web-page and simultaneously on the Internet Othello Server (telnet 5000) where several good Othello players and programs will give comments on the games. In addition a limited number of seats are available for observers who want to participate in the event as close as possible. Please let me know in advance if you would like to come.

On the second day (August 5) we have organized a scientific workshop on game-tree search which gives a historic overview of computer chess, reveals some of Logistello's "secrets" and discusses other current research topics. After the technical program Takeshi Murakami will play simultaneous exhibition games against workshop participants and programs.

The schedule of events is as follows:

August 3rd 19:00 (EDT) Welcome dinner (invited)
Monday,4th 09:00Welcome, introduction & brief opening press conference
09:30First game begins
ConclusionGame 1 wrap-up, lunch
15:00Second game begins
ConclusionGame 2 wrap-up
Tuesday,5th 09:45Workshop on game-tree search
Wednesday,6th09:00Third game begins
ConclusionGame 3 wrap-up, lunch
15:00Fourth game begins
ConclusionGame 4 wrap-up
Thursday,7th 09:00Fifth game begins
ConclusionGame 5 wrap-up, lunch
15:00Sixth game begins
ConclusionAwards ceremony, wrap-up game 6 and the match

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