Working Tournament Entries

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Cleaned sources (24MB): here and here
Id. Name          Contact Author    Affiliation                         Race    Softw. Key
 1. UAlbertaBot   David Churchill   University of Alberta               Protoss  dll   7829D823 
 2. BroodwarBotQ  Gabriel Synnaeve  INRIA Grenoble / Collège de France  Protoss  dll   85703338
 3. EISBot        Ben Weber         UC Santa Cruz                       Protoss  proxy 7AE65781
 4. Aiur          Florian Richoux   University of Tokyo                 Protoss  dll   B782B11C
 5. bigbrother    Luke Deshotels    Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette     Zerg     dll   DEADBEEF
 6. BTHAI         Johan Hagelbäck   Blekinge Institute of Technology    Zerg     dll   24AD4F3D
 7. ItayUndermind Sabato Itay       Hebrew University of Jerusalem      Zerg     proxy 1891fe65
 8. Cromulent     J.B. Tamez Pena   Perfectly Cromulent Team            Terran   dll   163B1BB2
 9. Nova          Alberto Uriarte   IIIA-CSIC                           Terran   dll   C2AF4569
10. SPAR          Simon Chamberland Université de Sherbrooke            Protoss  dll   007D6590
11. Quorum        Jay Young         University of Birmingham            Terran   dll   42F948CC
12. Skynet        Andrew Smith      None                                Protoss  dll   19810fa8
13. Undermind     Axel Prompt       University of California, Berkeley  Terran   proxy 6D33333A

Registration is now closed!

We only accept at most 30 competition entries and only one entry per institution in each game category. Only register if you agree to releasing your source code and data - see Rules.

To register, send an email to the organizer with the following information:

Subject: SCAI2011 ENTRY
Text (copy & paste):
Entry Name                                   : 
Contact Person Name (First, Last)            : 
Contact Person Email Address:                : 
Affiliation                                  : 
Random 32-bit number (hexadec.)              : 0x........
Race (in full game)                          : 
DLL or ProxyBot                              :
Brief Description (AI techniques used, strengths, etc) :

Registered Teams as of July/1/2011 (max=30)

1) UC Irvine (David Hirschberg)
2) University of Michigan (Samantha Luber)
3) University of Alberta (David Churchill)
4) University of Grenoble (INRIA) (Gabriel Synnaeve)
5) ?? (luckh2@...)
6) UC Santa Cruz (Ben Weber)
7) Epitech (Valentin Leon-Bonnet)
8) University of Tokyo (Florian Richoux)
9) University of Madrid (Enrique López Mañas)
10) University of Groningen (Amirhosein Shantia)
11) University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Luke Deshotels)
[ Highlands Electronics (Dan Bloomquist), WITHDRAWN ]
12) National Chung Cheng University CSIE CI Lab (Tommy Wang)
13) Blekinge Institute of Technology (Johan Hagelbäck)
[ (Jacob Blumenauer), WITHDRAWN ]
[ New Mexico State University (Ben Wright), WITHDRAWN ]
14) Western Washington University (Geoffrey Matthews)
15) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Itay Sabato)
16) Perfectly Cromulent Team (Juan Tamez)
17) AinShams University (Islam AbdelRahman)
18) IIIA-CSIC (Alberto Uriarte)
19) University of Southern California (Yu-Han Chang)
[ Indiana University (Dustin Dannenhauer) WITHDRAWN ]
20) Université de Sherbrooke (Simon Chamberland)
21) Win the Future (Bovard Tiberi)
22) Lafayette College (Matthew Taylor)
23) University of Birmingham (Jay Young)
24) none (Kristofer Mitchell)
25) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Curtis Antolik)
26) none (Andrew Smith)
27) University of Oklahoma (Nicholas Hunter)
28) Westwood High School (Joshua Dong)
29) University of California, Berkeley (Dan Klein)
30) none (Eujain Ting)
31) none (Sun Yong)
32) NYSE Technologies (Lianlong Wu)
33) Tec de Monterrey (Iván González)

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