This webpage is the home of the 2nd annual Starcraft AI competition which is organized by the RTS Game AI Research Group at the University of Alberta and sponsored by AIIDE - the AI for Interactive Digital Entertainment conference.

During this event, programs will play Starcraft Broodwar games against each other using BWAPI, a software library that makes it possible to connect programs to the Starcraft 1 game engine.

The purpose of this competition is to foster and evaluate progress of AI research applied to real-time strategy (RTS) games. RTS games pose a much greater challenge for AI research than chess because of hidden information, vast state and action spaces, and the requirement to act quickly. The best human players still have the upper hand in RTS games, but in the years to come this will likely change, thanks to competitions like this one.

Past RTS Game AI Competitions


  • Feb 11: Results
  • Oct 7: tournament games reel
  • Sep 14: source code released
  • Aug 16: added the list of bots participating in the tournament here.
  • Aug 16, 1pm: the tournament software is being tested and seems to be working. The tournament will commence shortly.
  • Aug 15: fixing tournament software issues.
  • Aug 11: some entries have been reported crashing a lot. Sorry, but we will not accept resubmissions for the sake of fairness (e.g. we can't resubmit our bot).
  • Aug 9: the tournament will be run in fastest setting (24fps)
  • Aug 9: please send your submissions to mburo@cs.ualberta.ca . Deadline is TODAY 4pm MDT!
  • Aug 6: the MD5 checksum of UAlbertaBot_src.zip is: f56f91f3f8a3e73bba360a495eca7b9a
  • Aug 5: please make sure that your onframe call doesn't run longer than 42 ms.
  • July 29: there has been a BWAPI update (to 3.6.1) which is crucial for Protoss, which is binary compatible with 3.6.0. Please use 3.6.1 for your tournament entry.
  • July 20: registration list update
  • July 13: Rule clarifications, submission procedure, schedule update
  • May 22: We have updated the map collection due to pathfinding issues in the original set.
  • May 15: We have received more than 30 registrations, which is the maximum number of contestants. What a great turnout! If you are late, don't despair - further registrations will go on a waiting list. The day after the code submission deadline we will count the submissions and if there are less than 30 we invite waiting contestants to enter the competition.
  • Apr.12: maps for the full-game competition released.
  • Feb.24: detailed rules added
  • Feb.15: rule adjustments: GPLv3 and proxy bots
  • Feb.14: shiny new webpage, rules
  • Feb.9: added list of entries
  • Feb.7: date changes, added hardware/software configuration details

Questions or suggestions? Contact Michael Buro or send an email to the SCAI2011 group.

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