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GGSA is a graphical Java client for GGS - a Generic Game Server which currently hosts the following board games: Othello, Amazons, Checkers, Go, Hex, Chess, Dots+Boxes, Domineering, Ataxx, Snort, Phutball and many variations of them. A brief overview of GGS's design goals and GGS commands are given here. Additional documentation can be found below. We are looking for developers of additional GGS game services such as backgammon, poker, bridge, etc.

GGSA is free software licensed under the GPL and comes without any expressed or implied warranty. Please refer to the links below for documentation, downloading, and troubleshooting. To get familiar with GGS read the GGS How-To and GGS Intro.


Sept.4.2006: GGSA no longer exits when game window is closed. Sept.1.2006: GGSA has been moved to the swing graphics toolkit and restructured to simplify the addition of new service modules. Each service module has now access to its own tab and the default service can now be selected either in the menu or by clicking on a tab.

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GGSA Files:

GGSA source code (unpack with tar xpofz)


Screenshot showing six games played simultaneously and the main GGSA window featuring tabs for each service, talk contexts, and user lists:

Additional GGS documentation

All Service Commands
Service Variables
The Rating System
The Clock

Amazons rules - Amazons game types
Chess rules - Chess game types
Checkers rules - Checkers game types
Dots+Boxes rules - Dots+Boxes game types
Othello rules - Othello game types
Domineering rules - Domineering game types
Ataxx rules - Ataxx game types

Generic Game Format (GGF)

GGS Documentation
GGS Intro
Programs connected to GGS

Development Contact

Please contact me if you have questions about GGSA or suggestions on how to improve it.

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