Programs connected to GGS

ant 8x8 Othello 1-ply Logistello, rated or unrated
ant+ 8x8 Othello 1-ply Logistello, 16-ply perfect endgame, rated
fly 8x8 Othello 2-ply Logistello, rated
patzer 8x8 Othello 3-ply Logistello, rated
viper 8x8 Othello 4-ply Logistello, rated
scorpion 8x8 Othello 6-ply Logistello, rated
scorp+ 8x8 Othello 6-ply Logistello, 16-ply perfect endgame, rated
OO7 8x8 Othello 7-ply Logistello, 16-ply perfect endgame, rated
tit4tat 8x8 Othello 8-ply Logistello, 8-ply perfect endgame, forgiving! unrated
kitty 8x8 Othello Igor's cat, plays only random games, 8-ply when unrated
lynx 8x8 Othello Kitty variation
amsbot nxn Amazons thinks 30sec/move, accepts 30min games
amsbot5 <=10x10 Amazons thinks 5sec/move, accepts only (20sec/6sec increment) games

Typing "finger name", "tell /os finger name", and "tell /ams finger name" on GGS gives more information. In order to play rated games, type "tell /os rated +" or "tell /ams rated +"