The purpose of this website is to promote the game of Skat world-wide by providing links to English-speaking Skat resources that are updated frequently.


Skat (the A is long, like in "Ah!") is Germany's traditional card game for 3 or 4 players. Combining elements of Bridge, Hearts, Euchre, Pinochle, and Poker many say it is the most exciting card game in the world!

Here is what Joseph Wergin in his book on Skat and Sheepshead says about the game:

"Skat is, undoubtedly, the best of all card games as it combines in a remarkable way the elements of both chance and skill. Although upon first exposure it may seem difficult, it is actually quite simple when the component parts are analyzed separately. Skat attracts dedicated card players because it requires them to utilize the full range of their cardplaying ability. Card addicts who have mastered the ordinary games will be delighted to discover the new challenges offered by this unique game."

Top Links

The International Skat Server
[Play Skat online against other players and a variety of Skat programs. Good for learning the game!]

SkatGame App
[Play Skat against other players and XSkat, kermit, zoot, and theCount online on your Android devices and on your PC]

North American
Skat Associations

Ron Link talks about Skat
[ CBC "The Heart of Edmonton" video segment on playing Skat in North America. Meet Ron Link - North America's best Skat player! ]

Skat Stars Canada
[TV initiative to popularize Skat in Canada]

North-American Skat player statistics

SkatList App
[ An Android app for keeping score in Skat ]

[A game box that contains everything you need to start playing Skat with friends and family]

[A learning tool for memorizing cards for HTML5 capable browsers. Optimized for the N900 smartphone.]

Skat Paranoia
[Skat for the timid: learn how to avoid losses when holding monster hands]

Skat Introduction @ McEwan University Feb-3-2017 and Feb-17-2017

Edmonton Skat Club Page

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