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Welcome to the International Skat Wiki!

Here you can find, create, and edit web-pages about Skat -
one of the best card games in the world!

If you want to contribute material to this Wiki send email to WikiAdmin.

- WikiGuidelines : Read this first!
- SkatRules : About the rules of the game
- SkatGlossary : Skat terms explained
- SkatTranslations : Original Skat terms translated from German to English
- SkatTheory : About playing strategies and conventions
- SkatClubsAndGroups : Links and home pages of Skat clubs and groups
- SkatLiterature : Not much available in English yet, but ...
- SkatPrograms : About silicon Skat players
- SkatLinks : Links to other Skat resources
- ThisAndThat : Everything else goes here ...

Useful pages: WikkaDocumentation, OrphanedPages, WantedPages.
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