• We plan to create 12 (4 player) episodes, filming in different tournament locations across the country.
  • Each episode is a 2 hour program, which may be split into 2 or 4 sections.
  • The theme is: win the 4 player list and win a spot on the 12 person national team. Flight, entrance fee, and accommodations paid for at the next world championship.
  • Colourful interviews and stats will be featured on all the stars and potential stars. Each episode will introduce the 4 players. All interviews will be available from this website.
  • How to Play segments will be inserted to explain the game to viewers.
  • A 2-person colour commentary will follow each hand – 1 pro and 1 straight man.
  • A host will introduce the nightly game and city locations and we will show some tournament footage.
  • We will create an easy to follow graphic design for displaying games, so that the audience can follow the commentary effortlessly.