Workshop on Computer Games entitled

"Game-Tree Search in the Past, Present, and Future"

Aug. 5, 1997

NEC Research Institute, Princeton NJ, U.S.A.

From the call for papers:
Game programs play an important role as test vehicles for aritificial intelligence research. The focus of this workshop is the evolution of game-tree search techniques. Contributions on current research topics including selective search, parallelization, and the construction of evaluation functions are welcome as well as historical surveys and visionary outlooks. The workshop will be organized as a mixture of paper presentations, program demonstrations, and invited talks.

Workshop Program

10:00-11:00Invited talk: "A Very Short History of Computer Chess", Hans Berliner (CMU)
11:05-11:35"Selective Depth-First Search Methods", Yngvi Björnsson & Tony Marsland (University of Alberta)
11:40-12:10"Keyano Unplugged - The Construction of an Othello Program", Mark Brockington (University of Alberta)
Lunch break
13:15-13:45"Experiments with Multi-ProbCut and a New High-Quality Evaluation Function for Othello", Michael Buro (NECI)
13:50-14:20"Monte-Carlo Sampling in Games with Incomplete Information: Empirical Investigation and Analysis", Ian Frank et al. (Electrotechnical Lab. Ibaraki)
14:45-17:00Othello program demonstrations, simultaneous exhibition games between Takeshi Murakami, several programs and workshop participants

Papers (gziped-tared-pdf-files)

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