Past Courses

Current Graduate Students

Douglas Rebstock (Ph.D.)
Christopher Solinas (Ph.D)
Jake Tuero (Ph.D.)

Past Graduate Students

Abdullah (M.Sc. graduated Sep 2021, Signal Optimization via Heuristic Search and Traffic Simulation)
Varun Bhatt (M.Sc. graduated Sep 2020, Inference-Based Deterministic Messaging for Multi-Agent Communication)
Arta Seify (M.Sc. graduated Jan 2020, Single-Agent Optimization with Monte-Carlo Tree Search and Deep Reinforcement Learning)
Douglas Rebstock (M.Sc., graduated Jul 2019, Improving AI in Skat through Human Imitation and Policy Based Inference)
Christopher Solinas (M.Sc., graduated Feb 2019, Improving Determinized Search with Supervised Learning in Trick-Taking Card Games)
Marius Stanescu (Ph.D., graduated Nov 2018, Outcome Prediction and Hierarchical Models in Real-Time Strategy Games)
Nicolas Barriga (Ph.D., graduated Sep 2017, Search, Abstractions and Learning in Real-Time Strategy Games)
Shuyi Zhang (M.Sc., graduated Aug 2017, Improving Collectible Card Game AI with Heuristic Search and Machine Learning)
David Churchill (Ph.D., graduated Mar 2016, "Heuristic Search Techniques for Real-Time Strategy Games")
Graham Erickson (M.Sc., graduated Sep 2014, "State Evaluation and Opponent Modelling in RTS Games")
Timothy Furtak (Ph.D., graduated Sep 2013, "Symmetries and Search in Trick-Taking Card Games")
Jeff Long (Ph.D., graduated Aug 2011, "Search, Inference, and Opponent Modeling in an Expert-Calibre Skat Player")
Sterling Orsten (M.Sc., graduated Jan 2011, "Dynamically Learning Efficient Server/Client Network Protocols for Networked Simulation")
Kai Chen (M.Sc., graduated Jan 2009, "Robust Triangulation-Based Pathfinding")
Alehandro Isaza [co-supervision with Russ Greiner] (M.Sc., graduated Aug. 2008, "Cover Heuristic")
Timothy Furtak (M.Sc., graduated Oct.2007, "Sorting Using SIMD Registers")
Frantisek Sailer (M.Sc., graduated June 2007, "Adversarial Planning in RTS Games Through Simulation")
Douglas Demyen (M.Sc., graduated Sep.2006, "Efficient Triangulation-Based Pathfinding")
Siddhartha Chinthapally (M.Sc., graduated Jan.2006, "Overfitting in Generalized Linear Evaluation Models")
Michael Chung [co-supervision with J. Schaeffer] (M.Sc., graduated Jan.2005, "Monte Carlo Planning in RTS Games")
Alexander Kovarsky (M.Sc., graduated Aug.2004, "Heuristic search applied to abstract combat scenarios")
Thomas Hauk [co-supervision with J. Schaeffer] (M.Sc., graduated Jan.2004, "Search in Trees with Chance Nodes", now at EA)
Dave Gomboc [co-supervision with T.A. Marsland] (M.Sc., graduated Jan.2004, "Tuning Evaluation Functions by Maximizing Concordance", now at ICT)


Weijiang Feng (visiting Ph.D. student, Oct-2018 - Aug-2020)

Summer Students

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Sterling Orsten (NSERC 2007, hierarchical ORTS AI + pathfinding)
Krysta Mirzayans (NSERC 2007, software)
Nathan Taylor (2007, Skat AI)
Nathaniel Rossol (2006, ORTS graphics)
Mike Packer (2006, ORTS graphics)
Sean Healy (2006, GGS)
Krysta Mirzayans (2006-2007, ORTS tournament manager)
Nick Wiebe (NSERC 2006, Pathfinding)
James Bergsma (2006, Pathfinding)
David Tom (2006, Scripting high-level strategies)
Lenore Brown (NSERC 2005, Random-Map Generation)
Allan Schumacher (NSERC 2005, Pathfinding)
Andrew Hakman (2005,
Timothy Furtak (NSERC 2003,2004,2005 ORTS)
Ghassan Zabaneh (2004, 3D models in ORTS)
Adrien Cho (2004, 3D models in ORTS, now at Bioware)
Sami Wagialla (2004, ORTS)
Brandon Blanck (2004, Pathfinding)
Harry Wentland (2003, ORTS)
Ryan Vogt (NSERC 2003, Selective Search)