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Quick Introduction

To those who have never heard of the game of "Skat".

Many have asked for a Quick explanation of the game and in short how it is played.
Even though the game is a hard game to learn and even harder to master, I will try to simplify it as much as I can.
Skat is a 3-handed game played with 32 cards. Each player is dealt 10 cards and 2 are placed face down in the middle.
Those 2 cards are called the skat, hence the name of the game.

Now the 3 players bid, using game values as their bids. The player who bids the highest becomes the soloist and now plays against the other 2 players that form a team as defense.

As the soloist one has the option of picking up the skat and discard two cards to improve his hand.
The soloist now declares the type of game that they will be played: diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs, grand, or null. The value of the announced game must be equal or higher than than the highest bid.

Now that we know who the soloist is and which 2 players are on defense, the skat has been used, and the soloist has declared the game that will be played, we will determine who won or lost by playing 10 tricks.

In skat cards have values, eg Ace is 11, King is 4 etc, for a total of 120 points. The soloist wins the game if he gets more than 60 card points in his tricks. With 60 or less, he loses. It is rare but possible to win only 2 tricks, which adds to the excitement of the game.
After all 30 cards have been played, the card points are counted to deterine the winner. The game value is then added to the soloist's score which is kept on a score sheet. A typical "List" contains of 36 deals for 3 players, or 48 deals for 4 players (the dealer sits out).

Ron Link

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