Welcome to SkatTrainer (v1.0.9)

This program helps you improve your card memorization abilities. It is tailored to the game of skat. It has been designed for the Nokia N900 smartphone, but can be played on every HTML-5 capable browser.

At the start of each game, a subset of cards will be placed into your hand. Then, cards will be shown one by one. They are drawn from your hand (indicated by an arrow) or from the other hands. After showing the cards you are asked to choose the cards that you haven't seen yet. This is indicated by the "Next" button changing into the "Result" button.

To start, pick the card set you want to memorize:

11 cards (7,8,9,Queen,King,Ten,Ace,Jacks) in a random trump suit which is indicated by a suit symbol in the lower left corner.
2-4 cards will be left to guess.
11 trump cards + other high cards (Tens,Aces).
3-5 cards will be left to guess.
All 32 cards.
4-6 cards will be left to guess.
Next, pick the speed with which the cards appear:
Program waits for click on "Next" or canvas
1,2,3 sec
Program waits that long before presenting the next card. In addition, the program waits for 5 seconds after showing the initial hand.
You can also change the card deck. Your choices are
French deck, English letters, 4 colors
French deck, English letters, 2 colors
French deck, German letters, 4 colors
French deck, German letters, 2 colors
German deck, German letters

To start a new game, click on "New"

After presenting all cards, a list of cards will appear for you to choose from. Select and de-select cards by clicking on them. When done click "Result". The program will then evaluate your selection.

Green border
Card was guessed right.
Red border
Card was guessed wrong.
Cyan border
Card you missed.

Have fun!

This program is free software licensed under GPLv3 (c) 2009 Michael Buro. It was developed on three afternoons as the author's first application for his new shiny N900 smartphone which has a screen resolution of 800x480.