What is Skat Paranoia?

On this website you'll see lots of 12-card skat declarer hands. Your task when playing "Skat Paranoia" is to determine the best discard and game type imagining opponents that not only play cards perfectly, but also are able to choose the cards they hold in their hands as the game progresses. Of course, their choices have to be consistent. I.e., once a player shows to be void in a suit, he can't later play a card in that suit.

This is what we call paranoid play. The purpose of this website is to make skat players aware of what can go wrong and to find ways of securing wins, regardless of the opponents' cards and playing abilities.

The presented hands fall into two categories:

The number of wins and losses throughout the data sets is approximately equal.

To solve the puzzles, select two cards, the game type, and decide whether the game is a normal paranoid loss, win, or schneider. Then click on "Check" to find out. In case of a loss, "Check" will also display the maximum number of cards points the soloist can make in the worst case.

When solutions are presented the following color code is used: correct choice, wrong choice, correct alternative.