File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Abstract.cpp [code]
Abstraction.h [code]
Action.C [code]
Action.H [code]Movement and scripted actions
addbuddyform.ui.h [code]
AI_Board.C [code]
AI_Board.H [code]
AI_Client.C [code]
AI_Client.H [code]
AI_Common.C [code]
AI_Common.H [code]
AI_Object.C [code]
AI_Object.H [code]
AI_PathFind.C [code]
AI_PathFind.H [code]
AI_Plan.C [code]
AI_Plan.H [code]
anonymizingdialog.ui.h [code]
API.H [code]
Array.C [code]
Array.H [code]
AssetManager.C [code]
AssetManager.H [code]
AttackCommander.C [code]
AttackCommander.H [code]
Attr.H [code]
AttractorOverlay.C [code]
AttractorOverlay.H [code]
AutoGatherAI_G3.C [code]
AutoGatherAI_G3.H [code]
Base.h [code]
BaseApplication.C [code]
BaseApplication.H [code]
BaseCommander.C [code]
BaseCommander.H [code]
BaseDefense.C [code]
BaseDefense.H [code]
BasicObject.C [code]
BasicObject.H [code]
bitVector.cpp [code]
bitVector.h [code]
blueprint_code.C [code]
Blueprints.C [code]
Blueprints.H [code]GameObj blueprints
BoolMatrix.H [code]
BTask.cpp [code]
BTask.h [code]
Bucket.C [code]
Bucket.H [code]
BucketFactory.C [code]
BucketFactory.H [code]
BuildCommander.C [code]
BuildCommander.H [code]
BuildTasks.cpp [code]
BuildTasks.h [code]
BuildTasksAI.cpp [code]
BuildTasksAI.h [code]
BuildTasksState.cpp [code]
BuildTasksState.h [code]
ByteData.H [code]Binary encoding of integers
callbacks.c [code]
callbacks.h [code]
gfxclient/src/CGridBase.C [code]
ogfx/src/CGridBase.C [code]
gfxclient/src/CGridBase.H [code]
ogfx/src/CGridBase.H [code]
client_code.C [code]
ClientModule.H [code]
serverclient/src/ClientState.H [code]
pathfinding/path/src/ClientState.H [code]
ClusterSquad.C [code]
ClusterSquad.H [code]
ClusterSquads.C [code]
ClusterSquads.H [code]
Collision.C [code]
Collision2D.C [code]
Collision2D.H [code]Computes collision times for simple primitives
combat_test_main.C [code]
Commander.C [code]
Commander.H [code]
Compress.C [code]
Compress.H [code]Compress and Decompress message strings
constants.cpp [code]
constants.h [code]
Coord.H [code]
creategame.ui.h [code]
ctf_ai_main.C [code]
gfxclient/src/CWidget.C [code]
ogfx/src/CWidget.C [code]
gfxclient/src/CWidget.H [code]
ogfx/src/CWidget.H [code]
CycleCounter.H [code]
apps/dcdtpath/src/DCDT.H [code]
apps/trtest/src/DCDT.H [code]
libs/pathfinding/triangulation/src/DCDT.H [code]
dcdtpath_main.C [code]
Decomp.C [code]
Decomp.H [code]
DecompUtil.H [code]
defender_test_main.C [code]
DefenseCommander.C [code]
DefenseCommander.H [code]
Delegate.H [code]
Distance.C [code]
Distance.H [code]
gfxclient/src/DrawOnTerrain.C [code]
ogfx/src/DrawOnTerrain.C [code]
nogfx/src/DrawOnTerrain.C [code]
gfxclient/src/DrawOnTerrain.H [code]
ogfx/src/DrawOnTerrain.H [code]
nogfx/src/DrawOnTerrain.H [code]
DrawOnTerrain2D.C [code]
DrawOnTerrain2D.H [code]Overlay graphics for the 2D debug interface
edgewidth.h [code]
Environment1.C [code]
Environment1.H [code]
EventHandler.C [code]
EventHandler.H [code]
FFLocPath.C [code]
FFLocPath.H [code]
FileArchive.C [code]
FileArchive.H [code]Caches file data to prevent rereading
FileLoader.C [code]
FileLoader.H [code]
ForceFieldPE.C [code]
ForceFieldPE.H [code]
gfxclient/src/FPS.C [code]
ogfx/src/FPS.C [code]
gfxclient/src/FPS.H [code]
ogfx/src/FPS.H [code]
fpUtil.cpp [code]
fpUtil.h [code]
gfxclient/src/Frustum.C [code]
ogfx/src/Frustum.C [code]
gfxclient/src/Frustum.H [code]
ogfx/src/Frustum.H [code]
FunnelDeque.cpp [code]
FunnelDeque.h [code]
Game.C [code]
game.c [code]
Game.H [code]Main game class
game.h [code]
Game3_accessories.C [code]
Game3_accessories.H [code]
GameChanges.H [code]Wrapper for all the changes in one game cycle
GameConst.C [code]
GameConst.H [code]
GameObj.C [code]
GameObj.H [code]The objects that populate the world
GameObjFactory.C [code]
GameObjFactory.H [code]Creation and tracking of objects
GameScript.C [code]
GameStateModule.C [code]
GameStateModule.H [code]
GameTile.C [code]
GameTile.H [code]
Gather_accessories.H [code]
GatherAI.C [code]
GatherAI.H [code]
GatherCommander.C [code]
GatherCommander.H [code]
GatherPlanner.C [code]
genericErrorForm.ui.h [code]
gfxclient/src/Gfx2d.C [code]
ogfx/src/Gfx2d.C [code]
gfxclient/src/Gfx2d2.C [code]
ogfx/src/Gfx2d2.C [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxAnimesh.C [code]
ogfx/src/GfxAnimesh.C [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxAnimesh.H [code]
ogfx/src/GfxAnimesh.H [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxDrawPick.C [code]
ogfx/src/GfxDrawPick.C [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxEmitter.C [code]
ogfx/src/GfxEmitter.C [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxEmitter.H [code]
ogfx/src/GfxEmitter.H [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxGlobal.C [code]
ogfx/src/GfxGlobal.C [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxGlobal.H [code]
ogfx/src/GfxGlobal.H [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxInit.C [code]
ogfx/src/GfxInit.C [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxLinAlg.C [code]
ogfx/src/GfxLinAlg.C [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxLinAlg.H [code]
ogfx/src/GfxLinAlg.H [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxModule.C [code]
ogfx/src/GfxModule.C [code]
nogfx/src/GfxModule.C [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxModule.H [code]
ogfx/src/GfxModule.H [code]
nogfx/src/GfxModule.H [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxModule2.C [code]
ogfx/src/GfxModule2.C [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxObject.C [code]
ogfx/src/GfxObject.C [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxObject.H [code]
ogfx/src/GfxObject.H [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxOpt.C [code]
ogfx/src/GfxOpt.C [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxScript.C [code]
ogfx/src/GfxScript.C [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxTerrain.C [code]
ogfx/src/GfxTerrain.C [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxTerrain.H [code]
ogfx/src/GfxTerrain.H [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxTerrainTile.C [code]
ogfx/src/GfxTerrainTile.C [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxTerrainTile.H [code]
ogfx/src/GfxTerrainTile.H [code]
gfxclient/src/GfxView.H [code]
ogfx/src/GfxView.H [code]
Global.C [code]
Global.H [code]
serverclient/src/GlobalPathfinder.H [code]
pathfinding/fflocpath/src/GlobalPathfinder.H [code]
glUtil.cpp [code]
glUtil.h [code]
GLWidget.C [code]
GLWidget.H [code]
GobPtrWrapper_G3.C [code]
GobPtrWrapper_G3.H [code]
GQListBoxToolTip.H [code]
graph.cpp [code]
graph.h [code]
graphAbstraction.cpp [code]
graphAbstraction.h [code]
graphHierarchy.cpp [code]
graphHierarchy.h [code]
GUI.C [code]
GUI.H [code]Basic/debug server display
Handler.C [code]
Handler.H [code]
heap.cpp [code]
heap.h [code]
apps/mapeval/src/HeuristicMapWidget.cpp [code]
libs/mapeval/src/HeuristicMapWidget.cpp [code]
apps/mapeval/src/HeuristicMapWidget.h [code]
libs/mapeval/src/HeuristicMapWidget.h [code]
IdFactory.H [code]
gfxclient/src/Image.C [code]
ogfx/src/Image.C [code]
gfxclient/src/Image.H [code]
ogfx/src/Image.H [code]
interface.c [code]
interface.h [code]
IO_Buffer.C [code]
IO_Buffer.H [code]
KCtree.cpp [code]
KCtree.h [code]
KCutil.cpp [code]
KCutil.h [code]
gfxclient/src/KeyMap.C [code]
ogfx/src/KeyMap.C [code]
gfxclient/src/KeyMap.H [code]
ogfx/src/KeyMap.H [code]
KM_ANN.cpp [code]
KM_ANN.h [code]
KMcenters.cpp [code]
KMcenters.h [code]
KMdata.cpp [code]
KMdata.h [code]
KMeans.cpp [code]
KMeans.h [code]
KMfilterCenters.cpp [code]
KMfilterCenters.h [code]
KMlocal.cpp [code]
KMlocal.h [code]
KMrand.cpp [code]
KMrand.h [code]
KMterm.cpp [code]
KMterm.h [code]
gfxclient/src/LayoutHV.C [code]
ogfx/src/LayoutHV.C [code]
gfxclient/src/LayoutHV.H [code]
ogfx/src/LayoutHV.H [code]
Lexer.C [code]
Lexer.H [code]
libtest_main.C [code]
LinAlg.H [code]
LoadingBar.h [code]
Location.cpp [code]
logindialog.ui.h [code]
LoopFunctor.H [code]
LowAI.H [code]
main.c [code]
main.h [code]
mainpage.C [code]
MainWindow.ui.h [code]
map.cpp [code]
map.h [code]
Map.H [code]Tile container
mapAbstraction.cpp [code]
mapAbstraction.h [code]
MapCliff.C [code]
mapCliqueAbstraction.cpp [code]
mapCliqueAbstraction.h [code]
MapCTF.C [code]
mapeval_main.cpp [code]
apps/mapeval/src/MapEvalHandler.cpp [code]
libs/mapeval/src/MapEvalHandler.cpp [code]
apps/mapeval/src/MapEvalHandler.h [code]
libs/mapeval/src/MapEvalHandler.h [code]
mapFlatAbstraction.cpp [code]
mapFlatAbstraction.h [code]
Mapgen.C [code]
Mapgen.H [code]
mapgen_main.C [code]
MapMarine.C [code]
mapProvider.cpp [code]
mapProvider.h [code]
MapRandomIsland.C [code]
MapTool.C [code]
MapTool.H [code]Builds game maps
gfxclient/src/MD2.C [code]
ogfx/src/MD2.C [code]
gfxclient/src/MD2.H [code]
ogfx/src/MD2.H [code]
gfxclient/src/MD3.C [code]
ogfx/src/MD3.C [code]
gfxclient/src/MD3.H [code]
ogfx/src/MD3.H [code]
Measure.cpp [code]
Mem.C [code]
Mem.H [code]
MessageEvent.H [code]
MineralCluster.C [code]
MineralCluster.H [code]
gfxclient/src/Minimap.C [code]
ogfx/src/Minimap.C [code]
gfxclient/src/Minimap.H [code]
ogfx/src/Minimap.H [code]
ModuleSet.C [code]
ModuleSet.H [code]
Motion.C [code]
dcdtpath/src/MyEventHandler.C [code]
polypath/src/MyEventHandler.C [code]
dcdtpath/src/MyEventHandler.H [code]
polypath/src/MyEventHandler.H [code]
MyPathfindEnvironment.C [code]
MyPathfindEnvironment.H [code]
Net_DB.C [code]
Net_DB.H [code]
Net_DBTypes.C [code]
Net_DBTypes.H [code]
Net_GGSClient.C [code]
Net_GGSClient.H [code]
Net_Helpers.C [code]
Net_Helpers.H [code]
Net_Invitation.C [code]
Net_Invitation.H [code]
Net_InvitList.C [code]
Net_InvitList.H [code]
Net_Message.C [code]
Net_Message.H [code]
Net_Protocol.C [code]
Net_Protocol.H [code]
Net_Service.C [code]
Net_Service.H [code]
Net_Worker.C [code]
Net_Worker.H [code]
netclient_main.C [code]
netservice_main.C [code]
networker_main.C [code]
NP_EventHandler.C [code]
NP_EventHandler.H [code]
nptest_main.C [code]
Object.C [code]Just shape rasterization functions at this point
Object.H [code]
ObjectManager.C [code]
ObjectManager.H [code]
gfxclient/src/Octree.C [code]
ogfx/src/Octree.C [code]
gfxclient/src/Octree.H [code]
ogfx/src/Octree.H [code]
OgreGfxAnimationSet.C [code]
OgreGfxAnimationSet.H [code]
OgreGfxModule.C [code]
OgreGfxModule.H [code]
OgreGfxModuleFrameListener.C [code]
OgreGfxModuleFrameListener.H [code]
OgreGfxModuleMegaTile.C [code]
OgreGfxModuleMegaTile.H [code]
OgreGfxModuleTerrainTileGrid.C [code]
OgreGfxModuleTerrainTileGrid.H [code]
OgreMD3Model.C [code]
OgreMD3Model.H [code]
OGREModule.C [code]
OGREModule.H [code]
OgreTerrainMgr.H [code]
Options.C [code]
Options.H [code]Command line options
orts_main.C [code]
ortsg_main.C [code]
ortsg_std_main.C [code]
ortsgo_main.C [code]
ortsnetgui.ui.h [code]
OSL.H [code]
OSL_Context.C [code]
OSL_Heap.C [code]
OSL_Opcodes.H [code]
OSL_Parser.C [code]
OSL_Parser.H [code]
OSL_Program.C [code]
OSL_RecStream.C [code]
OSL_RecStream.H [code]
PairHeap.H [code]
Path.C [code]
path.h [code]
Path.H [code]
path_init.C [code]
path_init.H [code]
PathEvent.H [code]
PathExecutor.H [code]
Pathfind.H [code]
pathfind_test_main.C [code]
PathFinder.C [code]
PathFinder.H [code]
PathfinderBasicImp.C [code]
PathfinderBasicImp.H [code]
PathfindTask.C [code]
PathfindTask.H [code]
PathProcessor.C [code]
apps/polypath/src/PathProcessor.H [code]
libs/pathfinding/path/src/PathProcessor.H [code]
PlayerActions.C [code]
PlayerActions.H [code]
PlayerCommander.C [code]
PlayerCommander.H [code]
PlayerInfo.C [code]
PlayerInfo.H [code]
PlayerSet.H [code]
PolyGraph.C [code]
dcdtpath/src/PolyGraph.H [code]
polypath/src/PolyGraph.H [code]
polypath_main.C [code]
popen2.c [code]
pr_reservationProvider.C [code]
pr_reservationProvider.H [code]
pr_test_main.C [code]
PRAEngine.C [code]
PRAEngine.H [code]
praStar.cpp [code]
praStar.h [code]
PRATerrain.C [code]
PRATerrain.H [code]
preplay_main.C [code]
Profiler.C [code]
Profiler.H [code]Hierarchical profiler
gfxclient/src/ProfileWidget.C [code]
ogfx/src/ProfileWidget.C [code]
gfxclient/src/ProfileWidget.H [code]
ogfx/src/ProfileWidget.H [code]
PRTerrain.H [code]
PursueAttack.C [code]
PursueAttack.H [code]
dcdtpath/src/PWidget.C [code]
polypath/src/PWidget.C [code]
dcdtpath/src/PWidget.H [code]
polypath/src/PWidget.H [code]
Random.C [code]
Random.H [code]
Replayer.C [code]
Replayer.H [code]
replayer_main.C [code]
reservationProvider.cpp [code]
reservationProvider.h [code]
robin.c [code]
Route.C [code]
Route.H [code]
RouteAllocator.C [code]
RouteAllocator.H [code]
sampleai_main.C [code]
SampleEventHandler.C [code]
SampleEventHandler.H [code]
SaveLoad.H [code]Virtual interface for saving and loading data to streams
ScoutCommander.C [code]
ScoutCommander.H [code]
Script.C [code]
kernel/src/Script.H [code]
osl/src/Script.H [code]
script_code.C [code]
gfxclient/src/ScriptEmitter.C [code]
ogfx/src/ScriptEmitter.C [code]
gfxclient/src/ScriptEmitter.H [code]
ogfx/src/ScriptEmitter.H [code]
ScriptErr.H [code]
gfxclient/src/ScriptEvent.H [code]
ogfx/src/ScriptEvent.H [code]
ScriptGame.H [code]Object action scripting language
ScriptIdSet.C [code]
ScriptIdSet.H [code]
gfxclient/src/ScriptModel.C [code]
ogfx/src/ScriptModel.C [code]
gfxclient/src/ScriptModel.H [code]
ogfx/src/ScriptModel.H [code]
ScriptObj.C [code]
ScriptObj.H [code]The objects that populate the world
gfxclient/src/ScriptObjSet.C [code]
ogfx/src/ScriptObjSet.C [code]
gfxclient/src/ScriptObjSet.H [code]
ogfx/src/ScriptObjSet.H [code]
ScriptParser.C [code]
ScriptParser.H [code]Reads a script and converts it into an executable ActionScript
ScriptSet.C [code]
ScriptSet.H [code]
ScriptString.C [code]
ScriptString.H [code]Derived vector object
ScriptVector.C [code]
ScriptVector.H [code]
SDL_gfxPrimitives.C [code]
SDL_gfxPrimitives.h [code]
SDL_gfxPrimitives_font.h [code]
SDLinit.C [code]
SDLinit.H [code]
SDLMain.h [code]
se.cpp [code]
se.h [code]Sym Edge definitions
se_dcdt.cpp [code]
se_dcdt.h [code]Dynamic Constrained Delaunay Triangulaiton
se_dcdt_mesh.cpp [code]
se_mesh.cpp [code]
se_mesh.h [code]Symmetrical Edge Mesh Data Structure
se_mesh_import.cpp [code]
se_mesh_import.h [code]
se_mesh_io.cpp [code]
se_mesh_operators.cpp [code]
se_triangulator.cpp [code]
se_triangulator.h [code]A triangulator based on symedges
searchAlgorithm.cpp [code]
searchAlgorithm.h [code]
SearchNode.h [code]
SearchPath.cpp [code]
apps/dcdtpath/src/SegmentMerge.C [code]
apps/trtest/src/SegmentMerge.C [code]
libs/pathfinding/triangulation/src/SegmentMerge.C [code]
apps/dcdtpath/src/SegmentMerge.H [code]
apps/trtest/src/SegmentMerge.H [code]
libs/pathfinding/triangulation/src/SegmentMerge.H [code]
Server.C [code]
Server.H [code]
ServerObjData.C [code]
ServerObjData.H [code]
Sets.H [code]
gfxclient/src/Shader.C [code]
ogfx/src/Shader.C [code]
gfxclient/src/Shader.H [code]
ogfx/src/Shader.H [code]
sharedAMapGroup.cpp [code]
sharedAMapGroup.h [code]
apps/pr_test/src/ShooterAI.C [code]
libs/ai/squad4/src/ShooterAI.C [code]
ShooterAI.H [code]
ShooterAIWidget.C [code]
ShooterAIWidget.H [code]
ShutDown.C [code]
ShutDown.H [code]
SI_Base.cpp [code]
SI_Base.h [code]
SI_Group.cpp [code]
SI_Group.h [code]
SI_MapObject.cpp [code]
SI_MapObject.h [code]
SI_Order.cpp [code]
SI_Order.h [code]
SI_Player.cpp [code]
SI_Player.h [code]
SI_SimulationAI.C [code]
SI_SimulationAI.H [code]
SI_SimulationState.cpp [code]
SI_SimulationState.h [code]
SI_Strategies.cpp [code]
SI_Strategies.h [code]
SI_Task.cpp [code]
SI_Task.h [code]
SI_Unit.cpp [code]
SI_Unit.h [code]
SI_Vector3D.h [code]
SimpleClustering.C [code]
SimpleClustering_G3.C [code]
SimpleGlobalPF.C [code]
SimpleGlobalPF.H [code]
SimpleGlobalPFOverlay.C [code]
SimpleGlobalPFOverlay.H [code]
SimpleMap.H [code]
SimplePathfinder.C [code]
SimplePathfinder.H [code]
SimplePathfinderWidget.C [code]
SimplePathfinderWidget.H [code]
SimplePFAdapter.C [code]
SimplePFAdapter.H [code]
SimpleTerrain.C [code]
SimpleTerrain.H [code]
SimpleTerrainWidget.C [code]
SimpleTerrainWidget.H [code]
Slope.H [code]Rational slope class for precomputing vision data
gfxclient/src/SoundMixer.C [code]
ogfx/src/SoundMixer.C [code]
gfxclient/src/SoundMixer.H [code]
ogfx/src/SoundMixer.H [code]
gfxclient/src/SplashScreen.C [code]
ogfx/src/SplashScreen.C [code]
gfxclient/src/SplashScreen.H [code]
ogfx/src/SplashScreen.H [code]
SquadCombatAI.C [code]
SquadCombatAI.H [code]
SquadCombatAIWidget.C [code]
SquadCombatAIWidget.H [code]
sr.cpp [code]
sr.h [code]Main header file of the SR toolkit
sr_alg.cpp [code]
sr_alg.h [code]Few algebra functions
sr_array.cpp [code]
sr_array.h [code]Fast resizeable array template
sr_array_pt.cpp [code]
sr_array_pt.h [code]Resizeable array of class pointers
sr_box.cpp [code]
sr_box.h [code]3d axis-aligned box
sr_buffer.cpp [code]
sr_buffer.h [code]Fast buffer memory management template
sr_bv.cpp [code]
sr_bv_coldet.cpp [code]
sr_bv_coldet.h [code]Multi model collision test
sr_bv_id_pairs.cpp [code]
sr_bv_id_pairs.h [code]Maintains a set of id pairs
sr_bv_math.cpp [code]
sr_bv_math.h [code]BV tree math routines
sr_bv_nbody.cpp [code]
sr_bv_nbody.h [code]Multibody AABB seep and prune
sr_bv_tree.cpp [code]
sr_bv_tree.h [code]Bounding volume tree
sr_bv_tree_query.cpp [code]
sr_bv_tree_query.h [code]Bounding volume tree
sr_camera.cpp [code]
sr_camera.h [code]Keeps camera parameters
sr_class_manager.h [code]Generic way to allocate, io and compare classes
sr_color.cpp [code]
sr_color.h [code]A color definition
sr_cylinder.cpp [code]
sr_cylinder.h [code]Cylinder
sr_deque.h [code]Double-ended queue
sr_euler.cpp [code]
sr_euler.h [code]Euler angles tools
sr_event.cpp [code]
sr_event.h [code]A user-generated window-event
sr_exp_table.cpp [code]
sr_exp_table.h [code]Expression Table Evaluation
sr_fl.h [code]Fltk utilities integrated with sr
sr_geo2.cpp [code]
sr_geo2.h [code]2d geometric primitives
sr_gl.h [code]Sr wrapper and extensions for OpenGL
sr_gl_render_funcs.h [code]OpenGL render functions of SR shapes
sr_graph.cpp [code]
sr_graph.h [code]Graph maintenance classes
sr_grid.cpp [code]
sr_grid.h [code]Manages data in a n-D regular grid
sr_hash_table.cpp [code]
sr_hash_table.h [code]Hash table functions
sr_heap.h [code]Template for a heap based on SrArray
sr_image.cpp [code]
sr_image.h [code]A 24 bit image
sr_input.cpp [code]
sr_input.h [code]Parses input file or string
sr_light.cpp [code]
sr_light.h [code]Keeps light parameters
sr_line.cpp [code]
sr_line.h [code]Three dimensional line
sr_lines.cpp [code]
sr_lines.h [code]Manages a set of lines
sr_list.cpp [code]
sr_list.h [code]Manages a circular linked list
sr_list_node.cpp [code]
sr_list_node.h [code]A double linked circular list node
sr_mat.cpp [code]
sr_mat.h [code]A 4x4 matrix
sr_material.cpp [code]
sr_material.h [code]Material
sr_matn.cpp [code]
sr_matn.h [code]N dimensional matrix
sr_matrix_window.h [code]Fltk window for matrix edition
sr_mem_control.cpp [code]
sr_mem_control.h [code]Functions and macros to control memory allocation
sr_model.cpp [code]
sr_model.h [code]3d model based on a triangle list
sr_model_export_iv.cpp [code]
sr_model_import_obj.cpp [code]
sr_output.cpp [code]
sr_output.h [code]Output to file, function, string or stdout
sr_output_window.h [code]Manages a fltk output window
sr_path_array.cpp [code]
sr_path_array.h [code]Array of file paths
sr_plane.cpp [code]
sr_plane.h [code]
sr_points.cpp [code]
sr_points.h [code]Manages a set of points
sr_polygon.cpp [code]
sr_polygon.h [code]A polygon described by an array of 2d points
sr_polygons.cpp [code]
sr_polygons.h [code]Maintains an array of polygons
sr_quat.cpp [code]
sr_quat.h [code]Quaternion for rotations
sr_queue.h [code]Template for a queue based on SrArray
sr_random.cpp [code]
sr_random.h [code]Random number generation
sr_sa.cpp [code]
sr_sa.h [code]Scene action base class
sr_sa_bbox.cpp [code]
sr_sa_bbox.h [code]Retrives the bbox
sr_sa_eps_export.cpp [code]
sr_sa_eps_export.h [code]Encapsulated Postscript Export
sr_sa_event.cpp [code]
sr_sa_event.h [code]
sr_sa_gl_render.h [code]
sr_sa_model_export.cpp [code]
sr_sa_model_export.h [code]
sr_sa_render_mode.cpp [code]
sr_sa_render_mode.h [code]Changes the render mode
sr_set.cpp [code]
sr_set.h [code]Indexed set of pointers
sr_shared_class.h [code]
sr_sn.cpp [code]
sr_sn.h [code]Base scene node class
sr_sn_editor.cpp [code]
sr_sn_editor.h [code]Base editor node
sr_sn_group.cpp [code]
sr_sn_group.h [code]Groups scene nodes
sr_sn_manipulator.cpp [code]
sr_sn_manipulator.h [code]
sr_sn_matrix.cpp [code]
sr_sn_matrix.h [code]
sr_sn_polygon_editor.cpp [code]
sr_sn_polygon_editor.h [code]Edits polygons
sr_sn_shape.cpp [code]
sr_sn_shape.h [code]Shape base and template class
sr_sphere.cpp [code]
sr_sphere.h [code]Sphere
sr_spline.cpp [code]
sr_spline.h [code]Piecewise spline
sr_string.cpp [code]
sr_string.h [code]Dynamic string
sr_string_array.cpp [code]
sr_string_array.h [code]Resizeable array of strings
sr_swing_control.h [code]
sr_time.cpp [code]
sr_time.h [code]Manipulate time elements
sr_timer.cpp [code]
sr_timer.h [code]Measure time and execution per second rates
sr_trace.h [code]Macros to easily trace and debug programs
sr_trackball.cpp [code]
sr_trackball.h [code]Trackball manipulation
sr_tree.cpp [code]
sr_tree.h [code]A red-black balanced search tree
sr_triangle.cpp [code]
sr_triangle.h [code]A triangle in 3d space
sr_triangulation.cpp [code]
sr_triangulation.h [code]
sr_var.cpp [code]
sr_var.h [code]Multi type variable
sr_var_table.cpp [code]
sr_var_table.h [code]Table of SrVars
sr_var_table_window.h [code]Fltk window for SrVarTable edition
sr_vec.cpp [code]
sr_vec.h [code]Three dimensional vector
sr_vec2.cpp [code]
sr_vec2.h [code]Two dimensional vec2tor
sr_viewer.h [code]A fltk-opengl viewer
ST_Bucket.C [code]
ST_Bucket.H [code]
ST_ForceField.C [code]
ST_ForceField.H [code]
ST_PFEngine.C [code]
ST_PFEngine.H [code]
ST_SimpleMap.H [code]
statCollection.cpp [code]
statCollection.h [code]
SType.C [code]
SType.H [code]
suicideAI_test_main.C [code]
SuicideAttackAI.C [code]
SuicideAttackAI.H [code]
support.c [code]
support.h [code]
SWidget.C [code]
SWidget.H [code]Onscreen display for pathfinding
TCP_Client.C [code]
TCP_Client.H [code]
TCP_Server.C [code]
TCP_Server.H [code]
TechTree.C [code]
TechTree.H [code]
Terrain.C [code]
Terrain.H [code]Generic Terrain description
TerrainBase.C [code]
TerrainBase.H [code]
TerrainBasicImp.H [code]
TerrainClassifier.C [code]
TerrainClassifier.H [code]
TerrainModule.C [code]
TerrainModule.H [code]
Text_IO_Buffer.C [code]
Text_IO_Buffer.H [code]
TextureStore.C [code]
TextureStore.H [code]Global interface for creating OpenGL textures from files
gfxclient/src/TextWidget.C [code]
ogfx/src/TextWidget.C [code]
gfxclient/src/TextWidget.H [code]
ogfx/src/TextWidget.H [code]
Threat.cpp [code]
Tile.C [code]
Tile.H [code]Terrain tile class
timeval.h [code]
TM_Score.C [code]
TM_Score.H [code]
tmanager.c [code]
tmanager.cpp [code]
tmanager.h [code]
tmanager_main.C [code]
tmanagerNEW.c [code]
tmanagerNEW.h [code]
Token.C [code]
Token.H [code]Tokenizer
torts_main.C [code]
tortsg_main.C [code]
TournamentMapTool.C [code]
tournMNGR.c [code]
TR_EventHandler.C [code]
TR_EventHandler.H [code]
TR_PFEngine.C [code]
TR_PFEngine.H [code]
TriangTerrain.H [code]
TRTerrain.C [code]
TRTerrain.H [code]
trtest_main.C [code]
TurretAI.C [code]
TurretAI.H [code]
Typeof.H [code]
unit.cpp [code]
unit.h [code]
unitGroup.cpp [code]
unitGroup.h [code]
unitSimulation.cpp [code]
unitSimulation.h [code]
updateRobin.c [code]
Utility.cpp [code]
Vanished.C [code]
Vanished.H [code]
VarTable.C [code]
VarTable.H [code]
gfxclient/src/VCRWidget.C [code]
ogfx/src/VCRWidget.C [code]
gfxclient/src/VCRWidget.H [code]
ogfx/src/VCRWidget.H [code]
VecField.C [code]
VecField.H [code]
apps/tmanager/src/old/Vector.H [code]
libs/kernel/src/Vector.H [code]
View.C [code]Computing what each player can see
View2.C [code]Creating and applying view differences
Vision.C [code]
Vision.H [code]Bitmap visibility classes
gfxclient/src/WaterTile.C [code]
ogfx/src/WaterTile.C [code]
gfxclient/src/WaterTile.H [code]
ogfx/src/WaterTile.H [code]
Worker.C [code]
Worker.H [code]
Worlded.C [code]World representation for map editor
Worlded.H [code]
worlded_main.C [code]

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