GGS - The Generic Game Server

Location:, ports 4000 or 5000


GGS is a generic game server on which humans and machines can currently play the following turn-based games: GGS hosts the world's best Othello programs!

GGS uses a simple text protocol and is based on an extensible server/client architecture to which new game services can easily be added. For instance, a tournament director for board games is available that can run round-robin and swiss-style tournaments for all available boardgames. There is also a message service that delivers messages to buddies when they arrive. GGS is home of the world's strongest Othello programs and their weaker relatives. If you have the chance, we recommend installing GGSA (see below) and play some Othello games against "ant" or "fly" by clicking on the Othello tab followed by double-clicking ant or fly in the user list. Have fun!

GGS can be reached by telnet 5000 or telnet 4000

Anonymous SVN access:

svn co svn:// (password: guest)

See GGS/README for compilation instructions.

The GGS games archive is located here.

GGSA - a GUI for GGS (Java source available!)

GGS How-To (last update: Oct/3/2001: scoring, komi example, move undo)

A C++ client for GGS (client+ mode, unpack with tar xpofz) (last update: Oct/2/2002: ataxx module added, komi bug fixed)

GGF to WThor game format converter (last update: Dec/25/2002: initial release by Kostas)

Want to contribute a new GGS game service? Simple, here is how.
(last update: Sept/29/2000)

Chris Welty's GGS software.

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