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Postby skatlink » 24 Aug 2009 12:06

Hello Everyone
Great News! to all those who are trying or are thinking about learning to play skat.
At Skatlink we are constantly working on teaching and promoting the game of skat
This year we are looking at offering "skat" as an option in our school systems.Giving our children a choice between Chess and Skat.A fun way to develope their minds.
We are also starting up adult classes once a month in Edmonton,and with any success ,Calgary and Saskatoon will follow soon.
To register for classes contact Ron @ skatlink or Bruce @ Chessmart
As a special Offer all those that have purchased a skatlink game are entittled to these classes for Free
Beginners ,novice players or veterans of the game.We at Skatlink aim to help and teach you to learn and enjoy the Ultimate card game of Skat.
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Re: skat school

Postby skatlink1 » 12 Feb 2011 18:10

Skat lost out to scrable as a 2nd option in schools. Even though the teachers and instructors felt that skat would have been more educational and maybe even more fun for the children.Skat wasn't as popular and they felt for that reason they wouldn't get enough children or parents sign up.
So lets keep promoting the game and hopefully in the future we can have it in the schools.
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