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what clubs should do

Postby skatlink1 » 31 Jan 2014 15:22

Our club has been fairly successful in getting new members and also developing better players.
The main reason for this is our executive has taking the time to come up with ideas that creates excitement and promotes the game , in doing so develops the members skills and attitudes.
Many clubs haven't done anything different in the last 20 yrs. Why? well change is hard for some people. Many people form a style of play and are comfortable with it and have been for 50 yrs. They are happy if nothing changes. Well if nothing changes you clubs will continue to lose members and your players will not see success in their tournaments as other clubs and players are growing and developing better skills. Times are changing no matter what you would like,and those that don't change will be left behind. No one plays for a 10th anymore ,beer isn't a buck. membership isn't 10$. Most new players don't even know what the word raumsch means.
No one under the age of 30 has ever played a list of less than 4 games. at one time it was an achievement to play a list without losing a game,Now its an achievement to play the most win or lose. the days of maurering is over the days of ripping is in. So trust me when I say things are changing.
Its up to you clubs to help the older members adapt.
Here are some of the ideas we have that are successful .
we did not raise membership prices, we just charge each player a dollar aweek for new cards. they understood they get new cards every week.a deck of cards is 1.25 we collect 4.club wins members don't have an increase in membership dues.
No one believed in a 2 tier club, so we said either your a ISPA player or amateur player (we formed a beginner club ) here they don't pay ispa dues, they don't follow rules, they talk, they laugh,they look back into the skat they change cards after they played them,this is for beginers and people who can't play or are to cheap to play.
they get our old cards and we the real skat players don't have to play with them. Also when a new player arrives they have all the beginners and bad players for as long as they want. they play what we call short lists 4 handed 36,3 handed 27,they play for only 3$ and loses are only 50cents. funny a lot of the bad player quickly pay their ISPA dues just to get out of that bunch lol,they quickly learn what Ispa is about .its about being able to play with the best.
Then we break it up some more once a month we play by standings the 4 best with the next 4 best and so on till the bottom 3 players.if we have 2 left over one of the beginers can more up to play on the last table .
then to teach the players how to win the list and how to play table points (table points is something that every player should know how to play,as it is part of the world championships) we have a week of where we play by table points and the winner of every table gets a prize and at the end of the year the one with the most table points gets a bigger prize.
then we have a week where we play 2 lists.
then we have a week where we double the entry and the prize money.
then we have a mini tournament once a month on the first sat,seated by scores.
then on special occasions we play skat bingo .this was to teach players to look at different hands and games. Like in bingo if a player plays 6 of one kind of game say hearts or 6 different games one of each they can call out bingo and they win a prize. this did 2 things they stopped maurering cause you have to play 6 games, and they started to look at nulls and colour games and even grands with a different perspective. Now he needs a null to win a bingo, he pushed the ugly ones to null overt. and surprise funny how everyone can finish a list under 2 hrs playing bingo.
So now every week is a little different ,but that little difference makes our guys more adaptable and its more fun.
we also have,a pot for 2000 rds a pot for grand overt and a magic number.
I would be happy to tell eny club more about what kind of thing we do.just ask/
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