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One of the biggest things I have found to be true in the game of skat is the mental aspect to a persons game.
sometimes referred to as the game within the game.
2 things will give you confidence in this game and that's knowledge and luck. and there is an old saying" its better to be lucky than good".
In skat when your lucky and the cards are good we call this a run of cards or a lauf. Now when the cards are running well, you have that confidence behind you. You feel like there's 2 jacks in the skat and there is. Your guesses are quick and right, you follow your instincts. there is an old saying your first thought is the right one. Don't second guess yourself
so when your confident, your bang on and the cards run for you.The only thing you have to know about skat at this time is.what to do with a lauf.
the knowledge of how to handle a lauf or run of a little poker see how they play and handle a good run or even a bad run.if the player has confidence because his luck is running good he doesn't even need good cards to win. Skat can be a lot like that.You have to know how to handle a run. many average players win lists and series or even tournaments just because they know how to take advantage of good cards and ride a good run to the finish.
I am not going to tell you how to stop this run or lauf as 80% of my game is based on winning this way,and I want you to win too,but I don't want you to wreck my lauf or run when we play together,so sorry that information stays with me.I am not going to teach you how to be a party pooper ,there are enough of you out there already.
These people know how to wreck or stop a run and in doing so often stop their own when playing. They don't let others win but never win themselves.
So when the cards are looking good,agressive play and confidence is the key.Get in the proper mind set. this is very hard for many players especially for those that enjoy the defensive aspect to the game.
A great player can develop the skills of jumping back and forth from offence to defence.but the average player can't,and even the great players don't like too do it,as it is very confussing and draining to jump back and forth from offence to defence. These are really 2 different mind frames. If you think you can do this you are lying to yourself or your nature is primarly defence already and you will rarely be able to completely take advantage of lucky or good card runs.
we can take a look a just about any skat hand and your mind will see offence or defence.I see 3 jacks and nothing I see offence where another player will see killing cards or defence.this is your mind at work.Just what mood are you in.If you are a safe player or even a bit of a killer,you will mostly see potential turn over hands and if your aggressive and like to play you will see playable hands.
When cards are running for you,you have to shut that defence guy out of your head.if you say to yourself just once ,what is this person bidding, he can't win this one,your done. Yes ask your self what is this person bidding,but look at it positively and say what will I now find in the skat?
You have been winning and getting good cards,you have to stay in that positive mind set.your having fun,dont get serious and start to switch over to defence,A) look to get creative and win this bid if you can.Try to figure out what cards can be in the skat for you.(if you can't win the bid )B) say to yourself ok a big fat one for you and I'll get the next one ,keep the cards running.share the wealth of a good running table .
Now If that person was just trying to mess up your run,you will not even have to play defence ,they will have found so bad or probably don't even have a real game ,that they will lose right there and are in the positive mind set of playing offence,you want your table to continue with honest bids and big games,don't get greedy and think I will win and you will lose.tell him nice game,lets have some more of keep a run going you want a table full of positive attitudes,its much easier.the jeaslous player will have a hard enough time getting cards cause his mind set is not there.don't lose yours by worring about the other players luck,yours is running good keep it that way.stay confident keep telling yourself the cards are running for me and this table.Don't turn this into a tough hard playing table.
Jealousy ,greed and defence will stop your run.I usually know my run is over when I lose 1 ,2 forsure.but until then I push my hands in an offensive style.when you lose one don't get down on yourself,its natural that someone will maurer to slow you down.keep your confidence and realize the only game that guy would have gotten was the one he wasted to turn you over.And just be aware of the jealous player you have on the table.
the funny thing is when things are going good and you are confident and lucky you will see that jealous player a mile away.tell them they should bid a bit more or they will get some cards too. or even be alittle mean after he turns your hand over and tell him your going to play them all now.or tell them its ok I can afford to give you lots of 30 pointers.
so many players wreck their good cards themselves,i've seen them just laydown a grand with 4 and then when they pick up the cards they split the jacks apart or they drag out he cards to mix the cards up,these guys don't know how to use a run or lauf. Is a good day is 1200pts, or is a good day is 2000pts.
you'll get 750 with just sitting there and taking no chances and playing defence. sure some days that's all that is in that list,but when your cards are running you have to take home 1700/1800 pts a list.
Rarely will you win a tournament with playing 12/13 games per list and the ones that do are strong defensive players with alittle luck. Their consistent players and are usually very good players which often make it into the money.(I call them money players)if your real good and consistent such as players like danny R and Thomas L. they play skat like chess on skill alone. I am not that good I need luck and use it to my favor. until you get as good as those two. Learn to enjoy your runs of good cards and make the most of them. soon you'll find out lucky is better than good.But don't stop learning as when the cards don't run for you that's when talent is needed.
And never get down on yourself Leave that to the skilled player that makes mistakes.
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Re: Confidence

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Things that create luck
-again confidence if you feel your luckier or better than the players on your table you will be.
-speed,you need to follow a comfortable speed, jerky play or dragging the tricks out slows the game down and therefore causes a defensive affect to the game and players, don't stop thinking ,but don't over think .let your instincts kick in,go with your first thought and don't second guess
:cj :ca :cq :c9 :sa :s8 :s9 :ha :h8 :hk :da :d8 .
Think fat dog discard K Q and run your cards out J and then the 4 aces, you'll catch enough pictures or even a blank this one as a no brainer .
Now if you think about it and say what if I don't catch enough picture or a blank 10, your second guessing yourself and almost planning on what 4 aces and the jack of clubs is always a grand,80 to 90% winner, there is nothing you can do ,but play the fat dog grand, sure you can lose it but not today cards are running for you.
-after you lead your jack and your 4 aces through in the rest, if you don't have enough your not making anymore. Keep the cards flowing.
-the same goes for when you want to create a lauf and your on defence, your out and going to make only one more trick, throw the cards in, But be sure your not going to win, this takes some skill. Even better yet. You can actually change the cards on a hand like this. You know the player is only got trump and one more bad card, you got 31 and if you keep the right card you'll make one more. Now the clown wants to drag the game out, this is your chance to change the cards. If he leads a jack ,ace or 10,you now get to throw away what you do is throw in an ace or 10 into his trick, keeping good cards together, if he plays little add little and keep the bad cards together, if your partner has to give a ten you also add the ace. See the system, now you are creating unnatural tricks, which will change the cards when shuffling.
Just for fun watch a good deck or flow of cards are happening when things like 3 jacks fall ,when 3 of one suit fall, when ace and 10 are in the same trick, or when 2 aces or 2 10's fall in the same trick, these cards tend to stay together for the next hand
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Re: Confidence

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Bidding is also very important to keeping a flow
Probably more so than anything else.when on a run it is almost an instant 18 bid. but remember the greed factor,if you have nothing let the next one have a big game.
You are going to big risky games ,but nothing is still nothing. also I have found out stay away from nulls unless its a null overt,a weak null is a losing hand and will change the flow of the cards,win or lose you will alter the if I have had a couple of good grands,i won't even bid the null,unless its almost perfect.let the next guy play another grand.keep the flow going.A weak colour game I bid to the nuts because ,I have a run and probably find another grand.And I don't want my opponents to play a null as they are most likely trying to chance the cards,see the relationship. a weak without 3,there is probably a jack in for my grand this is the positive thinking process you need .now if they bid you past your without 3 fine,but don't stop short on your bid,spades without 3 is still 44,not 33.and I often take it over the nullovert,don't get scared of good cards,when your on a roll.Of course the ying and yang of skat says if your not on a good roll be scared of your good cards.Sure enough if things haven't been going for you,you know that all 3 jacks are against you,but then he would have passed at 40 if he wanted to kill you.
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Re: Confidence

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When your confident and in the right mind set.You will also see and realize what the good players mean by patience .Often people say the art to this game is patience, which to a point is true.But what do you call patience> some call that waiting for you ship to come in and wont play until their hand is a 99% winner. this is over doing patience .
I call patience a mind set.come to the table and say to yourself, this is a big tournament 5 rounds to go almost 250 hands to play. lots of time to make my move.If I don't know the players Iam playing with ,lets watch how they play for a block or two.Even if I know the players lets see how they feel like playing today.Now this doesn't mean sit back on your cards as now you will only be creating a tight table.Bid normal and let the cards dictate the card flow at first.Sometimes playing dumb in the first few hands can become an advantage to you. first you will get the maurer on the table to show his true colours by getting upset at your play,already questioning himself on his plan of playing this list defensively. the first 2 blocks are a great time to have some fun with your opponents ,unpredictable players do well in the early stages of a game.with patience you can read your players on the table and you will find out who is there to play offence ,defence and who wants a tight table and who wants an open table.when you have taken the time to analyze your opponents, now you can play accordingly.Now hands like rollmops with 2 aces,or 3 jacks and nothing will make more sense,who to bid them against and who to pass on. If you can play weak grands or choose fat colours .when you have taken the time and patience to read your opponents.Do they count?,what style do they have? are they predictable or not? can they be trusted to give you a fair game? do they play open or sneaky?and there are many more questions you can ask yourself about your opponents to better guide you into playing the right style of game and have a good game plan.this is all stronger than the cards your dealt.If you have the patience to analyze your table. you will have the confidence to make the right moves at the right time.Because when it all comes down to the finals its the player that could guess right in the end. Who made the right guesses at the right time.If you never have to guess your not playing skat.
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