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Good Basics

Postby skatlink1 » 27 Nov 2013 13:26

Good basics
For most this game is far too complex to do everything right every time.So if one develops basic fundamentals it will become easier to play and become more successful for you.The problem is that we all want to better the basics and yet we don't even know why? the basics exsist.
For example lead an ace in a grand,fairly basic fundamental strategy and yet we often like to change that plan.Its a strong move and often wins the game for you.
So before you ever change that move you should be asking why that move exsists, and even what happens when that strategy is applied.This is how I do it
First of all what do I want to happened when I lead the ace. the theory behind this,is that if I lead the ace the player will trump and then 1 of the only 4 trump will be gone.OK then it stands to reason if I have 2 aces in my hand,I should lead the longer ace(meaning where I have more of) because my goal here is to make the player trump and my chances are far better if I have 4 of that suit than 2 of that suit. so if I lead the blank ace my chances of make the player trump are slim, defeating the purpose.Now if my partner bid 22 and I have the blank ace of spades my chances increase again,if my partners bid was true and he has 4 or more spades we will have accomplished the same results but as a team.
If I don't have an ace what are my options ,well ofcourse play my longest suit in hopes that I hit the suit in which the player has to trump,or set up my hand that next time I lead I can play a suit that the player will have to trump,so a suit with 10,k,8,9 would be good because next time I have to lead I can lead the 10 to make the player trump.
The concept is to make the player trump,if not this trick the next one,the 4 jacks have to come out somehow. ok in that case if I have the top2 jacks,I could lead them and that would suck out jacks too. YES
Ok if I have ace,10 king,8 could I lead the king ,maybe, definitely not from behind, because after you partner doesn't put any points in the player will not trump(what is the goal).what about the 10,again YES even better the player has to trump as they can't take the chance that your partner has the ace and the 10 may be as good as an ace only 1 point difference. it also tells your partner who has the ace.
You see how things make sense when you know what the reasoning is behind the strategy.
Lets do another one
Put the player in the middle meaning when you lead the player that has the game has to play a card and then your partner plays a card after .Reasoning for this is ,that the player is never to sure of the trick ,your partner still gets to react after the player,this leaves the player guessing and it gives your partner the power of making the right move .Your partner can smear ,finesse ,trump slough . When you see whats happening you are more than likely to make the right move. So the theory here is more of making the game easy for your partner,so that they can make the right moves. If you and your partner are always guessing the chances of making mistakes are inevitable.
So when I get the player in the middle I want to lead A) some thing that keeps the player in the middle B) something that tell my partner how to react C) confuses the player,therefore it is best to make tricks in this position YES, It is good to play a long suit apposed to a short suit in this position YES, Its important to play a card which tells my partner something YES. Is it good to let my partner make the next trick or to set up his cards.Maybe, It is much better to have the lead and know something than it is to guess in the lead,or hope your partner has a certain card. Middle hand is the guesser in both defence and offence. the lead causes the guessing and shouldn't guess himself.So lead strong or sneaky YES or with a plan or explanation YES.
So what is a bad lead in Forehand with the player in the middle? that why you put the player in the middle because there are very few bad leads.If you strengthen the players side suit,thats a bad lead,if you put the player in the lead without making them trump or having a followup plan that's bad,and if you card tells your partner nothing that's bad.EXample leading 9 from a suit of k,9. this has no reason and tell your partner nothing and there is no followup trick.The only hope you have is that its so bad you might fool the player,its what we call the hopeless move,you just gave up positioning and strength and even hope of winning this least lead the king ,so that your partner might have the ace or you protect his 10.
Now if you do this with all the basic fundamental strategies,then you will be able to put in your own twist and have a explanation to why you altered a good basic move.
Because when it comes down to it basics are still the key.Its just why?
Here try it with a few other Basics;
Long opponent short suit lead ,short opponent long lead
Finnesse the player not your partner
wreck your ten not your partners
when in doubt throw in a picture
colour code
seen the ace and 10 don't do it again
Play back what your partner ask for
Don't discard suits of 3
The big cards die on the table
Put the player in the middle
If you don't know which card to smear don't smear either
playing under the ace
Where theirs one blank 10 theres another
lead aces in grand
lead 8's in null
lead pictures in colour games
He who throws off looses
Totally lost lead diamonds (this one still baffles me)
Trump are the key to this game
There are a few more and if anyone knows of some good basic sayings please add them. I have explained a few more here throughout the forum, but I encourage you to analyze them yourself and get the real feel of Why? Basic and How in the end the basic player will come out ahead.
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Re: Good Basics

Postby skatlink1 » 15 Mar 2014 16:13

They still do it
Seen the ace and ten don't do it again.
why and what does this mean. Every side suit has a possible 28pts in trick value A,10,K,Q. Now when the ace and 10 have been played this colour is close to dead.
there are no more points available.leading the king can only get you the Q 7 pts. If you change suits you have a better chance to make tricks with aces or 10,which are worth more than the 7 possible points you can get in the dead colour.
Now there is an exception. the player is in middle hand, and your partner doesn't have that suit anymore(fore sure). now if you lead the dead suit, the player has to react first and if he throws off your partner can smear and put in a ten ,this is better than the 7, if the player tricks your partner can react with over tricking or strengthening his hand which is also good,and like in the basics ,you are playing a card which can potentially keep you in the lead and keep the player in the middle guessing.
So this is the exception, but be sure the partner is out of that suit and you have the player in the middle.other wise this is a weak lead and gives the player the chance of sloughing off a trick which could cost him more.
so with that info lets say my partner leads this dead suit into me,what should I do with this bad move made by my partner. I smear a ace or ten and make the player trump or I trump and try to put the player back in the middle. if I have a very good card to slough off that is my 3rd choice.
Many time we have to react to a bad lead from our partners.And in most cases we have to do something just as bad to correct the bad lead. example trump his 9 with the club jack just to get the player in the middle,sounds crazy but with a bad lead from your partner only crazy can fix it.
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Re: Good Basics

Postby skatlink1 » 17 Dec 2015 14:07

Trump are the key to this game
why do we say this? and what is the basic concept to this.Well when you have trump you have strength and options.Once a player has no trump their options of play are taken away.This also means the person with the strongest or highest trump in the game has a bit more strength ,control or options on how this hand will be played.
As the player you want to have the highest trump in the game.Using this concept it tells us some good basics. If you have the club jack your hand is already starting to look good.this is only 1 forsure trick ,but it s clear and straight forward you will make a trick and have that 1 trick control in defence or offense . this is why 80% of the time if I have the club jack I will say 18.Top 2 jacks or even top3 makes my hand the strongest starting 3 jacks usually means your able to make 6 tricks which in most cases is enough to win a hand, because in the right distribution you have full control of all the trump.this is were the saying comes in trump is the key to the game.
you must get the trump out of the other players hands.the reason you will lose a game with the top 3 trump is because somehow defence made trump tricks.the faster you can remove the trump from your opposing player the better,so lead you trump.In any hand getting the trump out is key,unless you have no side suit strength that you want to protect.removing trump will protect your aces and tens of your side suit from being trumped off, suck out the trump and your aces and ten will be strong.
lets say you have spade jack and heart jack, your fist lead should be one of those jacks to suck out the club jack which gives you now the highest and strongest trump in the game. which you can use to suck out more trump or over trump any card played.A grand is easy in this concept if you have 2 jacks and 1 is the club jack you lead it so you hope the other 2 jacks fall and now your the only player in the game with any trump, that concept should be applied in most colour games too.get the trump out that your the only one that can trump. This is why in a grand or colour game we want to make the soloist trump,because when and if the player runs out of trump they become weak and can not take control of the game unless they have strong aces.even leading a small trump will suck out 2 trump and in most cases 3 trump leads will clear out all the trump.hence having the top 3 jacks is very good.this is how you should play trump, set up your hand that the 3rd lead in trump is yours .example :sj :hj :h10 :hk :h9 :h8
nice 6 trumper you lead spade jack to remove club jack, you get back on and lead heart 8, you get back on and lead jack of hearts,hopefully all trump will be gone.and your side suits will be safe or you can concentrate on setting them up properly. after the second trump lead of the 8 you will be able to tell if this strategy will work if both follow suit on the second lead. if they don't you now know who still has trump,but 1 player is already weak and can no longer trump your tricks.but realize that now you jack of hearts should be the 4th lead and not the 3rd or just lead the jack and follow it up by giving away 1 more trump trick with your nine.All the trump are out.
the other way of getting trump out is a defensive move but can be used in offense .when you realize that trump are not split or your getting weak in trump,do what defence would do to you make them trump. this is your side suit :da :d10 :dk :d8 start to lead strong here with your ace,exchange trump if you have too to get them all out, you trump their trick they trump your back and forth till trumps are gone. One of my favorite sayings is,IF the last trick on the table is the club jack the game was played wrong. Its the strongest card in the game, there should have been a better way to use it than the last trick on the table.
so the key is to play trump till at least 1 person doesn't have anymore, then go to exchanging trumps.lets use a grand again you have a hand full of aces and 10s and the diamond jack.lead the diamond jack 2 will fall and now only 1 person is able to trump off one of your 4 aces giving you a 50% better chance of winning this hand.If you start leading your aces both players have a chance or ablity to trump off one of your aces,even though you can no longer trump one of your opponents cant either,hopefully giving you a fair chance of winning.
Using this concept in defence if you make the player trump twice, more than likely in a 5 trump game the player is already weak in trump,so making the player trump a 3rd time is not necessarily good ,you and your partner could actually clean out the entire trump just by playing trump,or playing the player in,as they are now afraid of playing trump themselves.just a strategy thought. when you develop the concept that trump is the key to this game you can start to think like this. If and when you know the solist is weak in trump ,trump becomes a good lead.often if I have 5 trump against the solist iam leading trump especially if the player is in the middle.fantastic move as iam doing so many things right ,iam leading strong with the player in the middle, Iam weakening the players trump, Iam making the solist guess,Iam showing my partner Iam strong in trump and not to make the player trump good things,offer only kings and queens.there is not much chance for a player to win if the opening lead is this strong.A lead like this can explain the entire hand which both sides want to know as soon as possible.
For the germans this saying really makes sense that the key to this game is trump, because of their method of play.after 1,2,3 tricks they know how many trump the player started with 4,5,6 or 7 trump subtract that from 10(10 cards) this is how many cards side suit the player has,and now you can make decisions on what the player may have discarded or what they may have left in their hand.Powerfull move.this is why against the Germans I make 2 very dangerous moves sometimes that really work. a) sometimes I discard a trump throughs of there concept but weakens my hand,b) I break the rule of cleaning out trump early which can be dangerous as you now need to play side suits real smart and hope for distribution.but that's why they have difficulties playing against beginers that don't open trump.
I don't recommend this until you get into the upper levels of playing skat properly
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