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Postby skatlink » 08 Oct 2009 13:05

New skat players are developing everyday.More and more of you are learning this great card game.Skatlink games are selling good.
This NOV ,we should have enough new beginers to start a new sub group of skat players,so far I have 10 confirmed,we would like to double this if you are interested in joining a group of skat players,that are new to the game,are just at the learning stage,or maybe you've played before and want to get back into things with a fun new young group.
Then let me know! Ron 780-477-1305
This will be a weekly gathering,were the main focus will be on socializing,learning and having fun playing this great game . :D :) :o :lol:
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Postby skatlink1 » 05 Jun 2012 11:18

Our New players skat group is doing fantastic. They are called 3 jacks pass. and they have been going strong for a while now many have moved up into the main stream of skat and are doing very good,winning prizes and tournaments everywhere.
I am happy to announce that Red Deer, Calgary,And saskatoon also now have beginer groups,and are also hosting beginer tournaments,and weekly get togethers.
The great thing about these beginer groups is that any player can learn at his/or her own pace.some people feel in about 6 weeks they have the hang of this game,and some take years to build up enough courage to play with the big boys,and I am sure there will be some that just want to enjoy the fun beginer level forever,just because they enjoy playing and are not realy competetive,they are just looking for the social aspect of the game.which is so wonderful to have in the room.
The beginer club has made our club even stronger,and they bring a real atmosphere to the room,there is nothing like laughing and learning,and many times I find my self looking at the beginer tables,and saying to myself with a big grin on my face thats what its all about.
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