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Have a nice game

Postby skatlink1 » 10 Jun 2012 22:45

Does any one know what a nice game is? It is harder and harder to find a nice game anymore.
A nice game is where you all just play skat.Bid your cards out,respect your opponents and your partners play and all of you make good pts.
It is unbelievable how so many players live for the defence,using every trick in the book to turn games over from push bidding to,random confussing leads and plays,revenge play and even maurering . Create a mean table and no one wins. I watch the worlds best and you never see these cheap turn over moves unless they become desperate or cards just don't run. Defense is just a tool to be used when nessesary or someone is not bidding properly. they know if you intimidate your opponents and create a tight table no one gets a fair game,true some people need to be intimidated and controlled and thats when the defence is used.
Go to a world tournament,see how people play ,rarely do you see a player with more than 3 losses.If people bid their cards properly the right player should get the game and that player should win his game.Not to many players bid games they can't win,and they don't bid and then stop because they got scared or now know that the other player cannot win anymore.these are things you expect from beginers and now all of a sudden our good players are doing the same moves.this is just plain mean when the good players do these type of things. Ok maybe its a phase that were going through because there are so many new players playing and now everyone wants to use the "Donk" moves,maybe poker had the same problem when all these new players started playing. Maybe its just me,but i feel the game has lost that normal factor,that logical factor ,something you can trust in the game,something that makes sense. I like all good players will have to adapt,but the game will change as we know it. the question is does the game become dog eat dog and then only luck will previal. I guess time will tell.I still believe that this is the Ultimate card game and it will outlast the test of time. the true and experienced skat players will soon realize that just because we get beat by a donk move every once in a while doesn't mean we should adapt to it and become donks ourselves. I can now see why poker is starting to have the problems they have. Pros using donk moves against one another just doesn't make for a nice game. But lets see if that will work with skat,i do see alot of new faces winning and thats great for the game for now,but one day were going to have to realize its time to play right and nice again.
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Re: Have a nice game

Postby skatlink1 » 01 Jan 2016 16:39

Let me explain How a nice game works.
When I say a nice game .I don't me cheat and let each other win. I mean play properly and fair. What is proper and fair?
Well skat doesn't have the strict guidelines that the game of bridge has.It is up to the individual how they want to bid and play each hand and each player can decide to either take certain risks or not ,play offensively or defensively. so with 3 jacks you don't have to bid at all or you can bid all the way searching for a good skat.
In a nice game you really need to know how to play.understand your odds,look at distribution, read bids, and make sure all the players are on the same page.
Therefore only real good players with a lot of talent can play this way. it is a way good players respect each other and can stop the maurers from taking advantage of good player,otherwise Maurering would be the only way to play this game.
A nice game is done by playing as open as possible ,every bid every card has an honest and direct meaning.you play with trust and rely on each others information to make the exact correct move.its almost like perfect offence .The key to this ,Is not to use the information for the defence rather than for offensive purposes only,which is bad for a weak player or a maurer. Respect and trust is the key to a nice game .I know your a good player and you know Iam a good player.If I hold back you will hold back and in doing so no one gets a fair game.no good finds in the skat,bad distribution, and you in essence can't really use all your talents. so it makes sence to play nice.
The tough part in playing open and nice is not to use the information you get from one another in Defence.In defence you play like the best partner in the world. smear all the time,lead out aces, don't schnible your partner, bring back what your partner leads,lead out your partners bids. Do all the right things for your partner except make decisions for him. If you turn over the player playing nice there is no harm or fowl . It is actually very relaxing playing nice and this is a big reason good players don't get burnt out either,all they are doing is following their partners strategy may it be right or wrong. But the soloist does get a small advantage he/she can react to the play knowing certain styles will be followed. all the cards will be predictable.which is a huge advantage to good players,that count ,figure out leads,discard acorrdinly,bid right,know the odds and %. you can maximize your hands to the fullest and above all play with confidence.
The same goes with bidding. if you know your playing nice you can safely bid your hands out and explain your hand to each other.what an advantage to good players as they can all read bids well. you have 5 spades you can safely bid to 22, on defence or offence this helps everyone except those that cant read proper bidding. I have crap I can bid null and just jump to null, telling all players if you have a possible grand you might find what you need in the skat, if you've got a bunch of Kings and queens let me play the null. top 2 jacks 27 means I have the top 2 jacks or 3 jacks and a hand game or I really am without 2. If 2 people bid correctly the game is already half explained.passing with the top 2 jacks or 3 little jacks is just plain mean. give your opponent a fighting chance to pick and play a game they can win and they will hopefuly do the same for you. One of the big problems is in a nice game is people get greedy or jealousy. think about it in the first 3 or 4 rounds of a tournament, all you really need is your points to move ahead 1300 pt list is nice, let the other guy get 1500 or 1600, both of you move up the ladder. On round 5 or the last round of a tournament ussaully all bets are off and its time to just play a good safer game of skat.you still can play nice but don't be upset if you get burnt once cause it does happened every one wants to win, even nice guys. People think its cheating playing nice but really its the nicest way of playing if you have the talent.of course if you don't have the talent you would think its cheating. but in reality you are just sharing information.you are just not using that information on defence.You showed me your hand do I have to look. Is looking is cheating? I want to play skat, not beat you because I looked into your hand.Its nice enough that you showed me 3 jacks and prevented me from loosing a hand, why should I now turn against you .If you take advantage of someone that is nice enough to show you their hand and make this game more fun and exciting for you ,than your not in their league and it won't be long before you will get no information and more than likely false information on purpose .so what is all the talent good for if you can't use it.Before you know it you will never find what you expect in skat, you will not know who or where the jacks and aces are and you will be playing skat as blind as the next person. So play nice share info and play as good as you can offensively.the higher level of skat that you play the more mistakes you will make on your own. the last thing you need is another great skat playing taking advantage of this defensively, let your skills shine.Be a great partner in defence and you still will turn the game over if your partners any good. But the truth is next hand he's not your friend either and if killed the open honest player with 3 jacks, your probably next. that's skat its up to you,if you want to play mean or nice. Open honest and talented or lucky and full of deception .Myself I want to see how well you can play with good information. I want to shake your hand after the game and say well played and good luck with the rest of the Tournament.Be mad at yourself or the maurer on the table. I'll always give you a nice game if you give me one.
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