Promoting Cool E-Bikes in Edmonton

Hello! Do you like the idea of riding versatile and nice-looking e-bikes, in the city and on trails, transporting them in your car, and not paying ridiculous prices?

Meet the 20-inch-foldable-fat-tire-large-capacity-battery-e-bikes we purchased in May 2019 from Changzhou RISTAR Cycle Co., LTD via Alibaba (bike type RSD-507):

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Frame 6061 alloy, foldable
Speed motor assistance up to 32km/h
Front fork suspension
Motor 48V 500W Bafang geared rear hub motor
Controller 48V 11A/22A, 1:1 pedal assist (PAS) and throttle
LCD Display C300S
Battery 48V 20Ah Samsung lithium battery (double capacity!)
Range ~50km with throttle alone, ~120km with PAS level 1 and ~23km/h average (in the city)
Charger 48V 3A, AC 100V-240V
Brakes front/rear: Tektro hydraulic disc brake
Brake lever aluminum alloy with motor cut-off
Tires 20×4.0 Kenda fat tires
Chain KMC rust resistant
Derailleur Shimano Tourney 7-speed
LED Lights front+rear, display controlled
Other long painted fenders (matching frame color), rear rack

More details, images, and warranty information

Cost: ~CAD 1,800 (total - including GST, with spare tire and inner tube)

Compare with (as of Nov. 2019):

Please send me email ( if you are interested in such a bike or if you have questions about importing them.

Requests for test drives in Edmonton are welcome!

Importing and Configuration Choices

We ordered two fully upgraded bikes with above specs paying CAD 1,800 per bike total (including shipping/tax/duty), which is hundreds of dollars cheaper than similar foldable e-bikes you can buy locally that have only mechanical disc brakes, half the battery capacity, no fenders, and bland colors (see above).

All in all, the process took 7 weeks: 3.5 for manufacturing the bikes including painting and assembling, and 3.5 weeks for shipping them from Shanghai to Edmonton. The shipping company offered brokerage service for getting the bikes through customs in Vancouver.

The bikes are heavy (~30kg each). This is not suprising given the battery and motor weigh ~5kg each alone, and there are fat tires, fenders, front suspension, rear rack, and a sturdy construction. We use a foldable ramp to load the bikes into our minivan to avoid lifting them. For that we only have to fold the steering post.

Hydraulic disc brakes are ideal for handling the bikes which pick up speed quickly on long downhill stretches. Just rolling downhill (without motor assistance) I once reached 68 km/h, which was SCARY. Without motor assistance and not much pedalling effort I can reach 24 km/h easily on flat paved roads.

I recommend long fenders - they look NICE and are very useful when it rains during daily commutes. Also, the short ones that are also offered don't seem to be effective.

The range of e-bikes obviously depends on many variables such as battery capacity, terrain, total weight, average speed, motor assist level, and pedaling effort. After a few trips in the mountains and in the city we - weighing ~72kg - can provide some data points: in regular driving in Edmonton (including the river valley) at level 1 (which is sufficient to deal with mild head winds and small elevations) and ~20km/h average a single charge of our large-capacity ~1kWh batteries lasts 120+ km. In the mountains, ~1/3 battery charge was used each biking up two fire roads: one was 8km long with 950m elevation gain (going up slowly), and the other was 7.5km long with 500m elevation gain (going faster).

Fully charging empty batteries takes ~7h using a 3A charger. To prolong battery life (and speed things up if necessary) we also purchased a Luna Cycle's 300W advanced 48V charger which can limit the charging level to 80%, but also allows quicker 5A charging when needed.

Ordering large-capacity batteries was a good choice: they extend our trip range, and for our daily commutes we can charge them to 80% and drain them to 20% - still giving us around 70+km of range, while extending the battery life considerably.

We experimented with tire pressure a bit and ended up using 13 psi for the rear tires and 12 psi for the front tires. This is a happy medium for city and trail biking (limiting roll resistance while cushioning bumps and having good traction). Riding fat-tire e-bikes is a blast!

Winter Driving: Chain or Screws?


Here are two videos I found useful which show reviews of a similar e-bike:

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Thinking about riding such an e-bike? Here is a survey that will help us gauge interest and feature preferences. If the total interest of people (within driving distance to Edmonton) reaches 16 bikes, shipping cost per bike is minimized (see pricing above)!

If you take part in the survey and would like to get notified when above number has been reached, please send us an email to

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